Finding The Best Weighted Stuffed Animal for Cuddling | Cuddles™

Finding The Best Weighted Stuffed Animal for Cuddling | Cuddles™

There are hundreds of thousands of stuffed animals out there. There are big ones, tiny ones, and everything in between. But a lot of these stuffed animals are basic and don't carry any weight (literally!). Run-of-the-mill stuffed animals just sit there and don't really offer much in function or versatility. You may be thinking that stuffed animals don't necessarily have a purpose, but they should. That's where Snuggles comes in!

Cuddles is all about making the best India's only Weighted Stuffed Animal Wellness Plush Toy that gives people comfort and joy. These plush toys are super cute and weighted to give you the comfort you need. This article will give you all of the information you need to decide if weighted or unweighted stuffed animals are right for you. We'll even showcase the top ten most popular Snuggles for sale.

Are Cuddles stuffed animals weighted or unweighted? 

Most of the stuffed animal toys out on the market are unweighted and not made to be microwaved. The Cuddles Weighted Stuffed Animal, however, are all weighted and microwave-safe. Having a Weighted Stuffed Plush Toy is growing in popularity as they have great benefits for adults and children alike.

What makes a stuffed animal weighted?

Most of the weighted stuffed animals on the market are filled with poly-pellets, which are pellets made from dense plastic that gives an item weight. In the case of Cuddles, our weighted stuffed animals do not include poly-pellets. Heating up plastic in a microwave can leak toxins into its surroundings which is not good for anyone. Instead, Cuddles plush products are filled with organic flaxseed, dried french lavender and layers of fabric to add weight. 

Is it good to Cuddle with weighted stuffed animals?

There's really nothing better than cuddling up with Cuddles™ weighted stuffed animals. The average unweighted stuffed animal is cute and nice, but they don't give you the same added comfort that a nice warm cozy Cuddles can. The added weight and extra bonus of lavender scent found in Cuddles helps reduce anxiety in both children and adults. 

Do Weighted stuffed animals help with sleep? 

The feeling of a weighted plush toy is like a hug and can even help you fall asleep faster than a regular plush toy with no weight at all. The weight from these products, similar to weighted blankets, can help reduce your heart rate and calm the body. It's similar to the feeling of receiving a hug, where the pressure makes you feel comforted and at ease. This makes for ideal sleeping conditions, especially if you usually have trouble sleeping in general. 

What is the best weighted stuffed animal for Kids & Adults?

The best weighted stuffed animal for kids and adults are the Cuddles. These are appropriate for all ages and offer the heftiest weight with utmost warmth and comfort.

Do weighted stuffed animals help with anxiety?

Yes, weighted stuffed animals are a great way to help with anxiety. While studies and research in the benefits of weighted stuffed animals is limited, there have been extensive studies in the benefits of weighted blankets and their effects on anxiety. While they're not the same, weighted stuffed animals and blankets have similar intentions. The pressure of the weight helps reduce the heart rate and rapid breathing, thus reducing the agitating symptoms of anxiety.

A bonus of weighted stuffed animals is that they are less intrusive than weighted blankets. If you're claustrophobic, stuffed animals may be the best alternative for you.

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